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“What a joy to share your meaningful life lessons as they are inspiring Mr Dias! You vibrate kindness and peace when you speak and then listen with your heart. You present “aha” moments and reinforce that to be alive is a gift. I feel grateful to you Mr Dias. You are a special person creating a positive difference for us all!”

Donnalee - Singer/Songwriter

First time I met Marvin was at a Tim Hortons parking lot, he came over to give me compliment on my Ride (Motobike) & we started to have conversation. I don’t know why I opened to him about my problems in life but it just happened to be that he was into counselling; it’s like he was God sent to me in a way that gave Me lots of advise & I was able to apply it towards my issues; it works & that was just a consultation. Cheers !

Romy Mendoza

I like to say few words regarding Marvin’s personality.  While having a conversation with him, he made me feel so  important.  Throughout my life, I made many mistakes, and Therefore was always thinking negative about myself. My belief about life in general was so negative, I didn’t trust anyone.    


My negative thoughts followed me around, that’s why was not able enjoying life to the fullest. Marvin has lead me the path where now, I am thinking and looking at everything in a positive manner. My way of thinking has completely changed. He also thought me how to forgive myself and others, for any bad things that happened in my life.


He is a great  example to others, he has the power to make anyone happy, he seems to know all what life truly is. He has a gift to make people feel comfortable. He is an amazing person. His positive energy can make difference in our lives. I am so thankful to him for bringing joy in my life and my family.

Rekha Patel

"I've known Marvin personally for over 2 years and I've always found Him to be a very open-minded, non-judgement and consciously aware person. We've had deep conversations based on an array of topics and I've found them to be very thoughtful and enlightening. If you're looking for a thought-provoking, conscious or advice, he is definitely the one to talk to. "

Amelia S Joseph

"Marvin openly shares his insights, drawing from personal experience, with anyone he encounters. His mission is to help people discover their full potential through effective dialogue"

Valene Vaz - Operations Consultant

“Talking to Marvin was so refreshing. It is very seldom one gets to talk about their deep feelings and thoughts and more so about consciousness or presentness. We are all so distracted by everyday life that we forget about the small things that create the most aspects of life itself.


Talking to Marvin really helped me to remember and want to consciously focus on consciousness. Thanks for that great talk and I wish you all the best in your adventure.”

Kurt Ward 

“Marvin Dias possesses an inner soul that shouts out and demands to be heard. His spiritual insights and dispensing of affirmations and advice to others regarding relationships, love, marriage, family and career is enlightening.  Something to behold in today’s world that needs its habitants to pay attention to their consciousness through meaningful conversation.


Mr. Dias embodies a spirit that truly connects with anyone who comes in contact with him, and is giving of himself and his time on a one-to-one personal level to anyone who needs encouragement and life direction. He is truly in-tune with his inner-self and qualified to share his insights and encouragements with others at a moment’s notice.”

Joey Cee - Record and Radio Producer / Songwriter/Singer  / Magazine Publisher

“On whichever topic, talking to Marvin is like talking to an old friend with a old soul with infinite wisdom .”

Anna B

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Eternal Within 

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